This week’s review: Dune

In this week’s episode Sean and Matt talk about the 1984 classic, Dune. A film adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel had been in the works since 1971. The first attempt was made by Alejandro Jodorowsky, and the second attempt was with Ridley Scott. Was the third time the charm? David Lynch tried his best to bring the epic novel to life, but there were so many things standing in his way.

What we’ve been watching and reading:

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2 comments on “002: Dune – The Sleeper has Awakened

  1. Mike Squadrito Aug 6, 2014

    100 meter naked worms. You had to go there? It was a compelling, intelligent review, … and then you went ‘there’.

    • I’m sure you were thinking it. We were just saying what needed to be said.