This week’s review: Alien 3

In this week’s episode Sean & Matt talk about David Fincher’s first major motion picture, Alien 3, which stars Sigourney Weaver, Charles Dutton, Charles Dance, and Lance Henriksen.

What we’ve been watching and reading:

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5 comments on “010: Alien 3 – Buh

  1. bcmystery Oct 8, 2014

    I had thoughts about Pluto, and it’s all your fault, Sean:

    • Bill, That’s an excellent post you’ve written, and you make some excellent points about relativism and science. Damn you. Damn you straight to hell.

      And thanks for the very nice comments. Must have been a really great beer you had before writing them.

      • bcmystery Oct 9, 2014


        People are so down on hell, but it’s where all my friends will be.

  2. Like what you guys are doing… but ‘please’ leave time markers on your podcasts on this website.
    If you’re going to digress so heavily into many differing subjects, other than the main topic/film?

    • Thanks for the suggestion. When we start back up again we’ll look into doing that.

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